This may vary across the country but in the Kansas City Regional market there are specific options for the buyer and seller following inspections according to the KCRAR Board contract form that most Realtor members use. Following inspections a buyer may choose to do one of the following: 1. accept the home as is 2. offer to renegotiate with the seller 3. cancel the contract. Most often #2 is the choice a buyer goes with. In most cases deferred maintenance items or items the seller is not aware of may be what’s asked to be repaired by the seller. Every inspection is different in terms of what is found so there is no hard fast rule. If a buyer is handy and can make their own repairs they may accept a home as is. If the repairs are more significant a buyer may ask a seller to pay some or all of the cost to fix the issues by a professional. It just really depends on what problems are found as to how the inspection resolution plays out. The seller of course has the right to either accept or negotiate the buyer requested repairs. That said if the parties can not come to an agreement with in 5 days then either party may cancel the contract. It’s unfortunate when this happens because both parties loose. The buyer may have difficulty finding another home they like as much and the seller may have difficulty finding a new buyer. The seller is also now aware of the problems found and will be required to disclose the inspection results to a new buyer. So most likely the the seller will wind up paying for the repairs. What’s that old saying? A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.