Glad you asked. You will be notified in advance of the inspection date and time. The buyer agent, inspector, and usually the buyer will be present for inspections. It is best that the Seller not be present during inspections to allow the inspector and buyer the chance to talk openly and candidly about the home and it’s condition. Put yourself in the Buyer’s shoes…would you want a Seller present during your inspections? Typically a whole house inspection is done meaning an inspector will evaluate the house from top to bottom and inside out. They are looking for deferred maintenance items, anything not functioning properly, or anything missing that should be there. Additional inspections can include radon, termite, and mold or environmental…it is the buyer’s choice on what inspections they have done. Depending on the size of your home inspections can last 2-4 hours…your agent can give you an approximate time frame based on your home. A reputable, quality inspector will provide a computer generated report at the completion of the inspection or email one before the end of the day which will include color photos and an explanation of the issues found. He will go over a summary report of the issues with those present. The Buyers agent will share the results of the inspection with the Seller’s agent within a few days and in most cases negotiate to resolve a few or more of the issues found. In some rare cases a buyer may cancel the contract after inspections. Occasionally inspections do not reveal much but this is the exception rather than the rule. So if you are selling a home with no major issues found then be happy to know you have a good house and did a great job taking care of it!