Recently I listed a home for a seller who’s job had her working 12+ hour days. She was constantly on phone calls and email managing her responsibilities. She recently started working from home and was unable to leave during most showings. She had not bought or sold a home in 30 years and was unable to give me the adequate time needed to educate her on what to expect and how to deal with a 3rd party showing service (CSS)…”big mistake.” She declined all 5 showing requests the first day on the market and one for the 2nd day because the showing time overlapped a little with another approved showing. I explained that this happens often and agent professional courtesy is to wait outside while another showing is in progress but she still insisted on no overlapping showings. We’ve only been on the market 2 days so it’s hard to say how this shakes out but it does create a lot of extra work and effort to manage a seller who does this. Thankfully most sellers are bending over backward to get their home sold so it does not happen that often. Here is the “gist” of the story. As a seller your best shot at selling a home at the highest price is in the first 1-2 weeks. The more difficult you make it for buyer’s to see your home during this time lowers your chance of selling or receiving multiple offers. Competition is good for getting the best price. Don’t hurt your chances by being too restrictive on showings. Also, buyers schedule showings when they have time such as a vacation day, over lunch hours, after work, weekends, or when they’re in town to buy a house, etc. If you deny a showing they may never come back and that single buyer may have been the one that wanted your house. Remember you are competing with other homes and sellers who are making it easy to show their house. Do the same and you win.